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Wisdom Tent 2017

Wisdom Tent 2017

Rainwater Collector 2016, environment view

Rainwater Collector 2016

Rainwater Collector

Rainwater Collector detail

Sun Reflector 2015.

Sun Reflector, details

Sun Reflector detail. About: There is an idea in the field of Geo-Engineering that says reflecting some of the sunrays back into space is a possible solution for Global Warming. The idea of Geo-engineering is usually only of interest to venture capitalists, scientists, and of course engineers. However, I think there is great value in everyone, adults and children, to learn about and brainstorm ways to save our planet.
My Sun Reflector, which is precarious and impractical in several ways, seems to be the work of a backyard tinkerer. Yet, it is built fearlessly, with the materials I find, and the technology I know. It uses water and floatation, tension and gravity, handmade parabolic reflectors (which bounce and focus sunrays forwards) and bamboo (an incredibly strong and sustainable building material). This was my first idea for a sun reflection device, but new ones are in development. I am envisioning new simple devices in the upper atmosphere of the earth, or orbiting the earth in outer space.

Solar Tracker2015. About: I wanted to make a self-sustaining unit based on the power of the sun. As solar power is becoming commercialized, people should know that a solar system is not so difficult to make. You can make your own 12 volt solar system, which could power your laptop, or small devices/appliances, and it would only take a couple days of tinkering, and a few special parts ordered online.
I made it more difficult by having two systems together, one for movement (tracking the path of the sun throughout the day), and a 12 volt solar power storage system. The movement system is powered by the solar system, so it is an autonomous robot sculpture. But my inspiration came from older paradigms. I was inspired by geomancy and sun-dials, and wanted to create a sculpture that was connected to the path of the sun, and so to North, South, East and West. When a device tracks the sun, you can tell the time from that device.

Water Collector with Desert Camouflage

Wind Catcher About: I created a form to embody the force and flow of wind. This sculpture was made in Wyoming. The landscape I was in (Banner Wyoming), locally called the Snake Hills, were ancient sand dunes, now petrified and grown over with sages and wheat grasses. You can always feel the wind rolling over those hills, and yet the landscape is peppered with oil-pumping rigs, and the occasional fracking rig, which provide a lot of energy for the state.
Something about the landscape spoke to me, and I dreamed of wind energy, which seemed like a cleaner, un-tapped resource. I incorporated the tumbleweed because tumbleweeds rolled across the landscape like mythical creatures of the wind, and a part of the American psychological landscape.


Un-System, quote detail. About: A quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr about confronting and resisting the faulty or unjust System, not the unknowing individual who may be caught within that very system.

Occupy Times Square. Made during the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC, the forms embody static resistance, as if to freeze gravity, tension, restraint, exhaustion,text, and imagery of nonviolent direct action and protest.

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